Types Of Hemorrhoids And Their Treatment With Ayurveda

Before you embark on a solution to get rid of piles there are a few pointers that you need to establish first. One of the most common signs that indicates that you may have hemorrhoids, otherwise known as 'piles' is the appearance of blood on the toilet paper after passing a stool.

Other piles remedies include taking a sitz bath. A sitz bath is a method of bathing in which simply the lower parts of your body are covered in shallow water. To the sitz bath, you could add some Epsom salts. The salts have soothing and softening properties also, and can be found at the drug store. A carton of Epsom salts are inexpensive and many people enjoy soaking in an Epsom salt bath.


Piles just happen. Lets face it. Piles happen the minute you get the mail. The minute your child brings papers home from school. The minute you want to work on a project, such as paying bills. Piles just happen.

Protruding Mass - With external piles you can feel the swelling around the anal opening. Internal piles cannot always be detected but website as they become worse they may protrude during a bowel movement and then retract by themselves on completion. If the condition becomes worse the piles may not go back. This is one of the causes of anal leakage.

If the cause of your pain is constipation, you might want to consume a lot of food rich in fiber such as fruits or vegetables. For excessive weight, you may want to lose some fat, after all, excess weight not only cost you piles but also heart problems later on. If physical strain is the cause of your piles, then you might want to exercise regularly.



To find relief try putting an ice pack to the skin; this will help with the inflammation. Also, you can try bathing the area very gently with a diluted mixture of warm water and witch hazel. Lastly, you can sit in a warm bath daily; this seems to help immensely and is very calming.

Piles remedies may also range between watching your weight and having a great diet. You should only eat foods rich in fiber to avoid diarrhea and constipation. If your bowel movement is in an ideal condition, you are not likely to get piles or hemorrhoids. Always keep in mind to drink lots of water. The ideal amount of water intake should be no less than eight glasses a day. This will ensure that you are properly hydrated all the time.

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